Meet the Team

At PSB we understand how important it is to know the people that you’re speaking to. Below is a brief introduction to the team; please contact us directly should you wish to discuss anything further

Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Managing Director
Personally: - John loves spending time with his family and is often the climbing frame or entertainer for his daughter. He enjoys sport and is a keen golfer, although freely admits more practice would be beneficial!

Professionally: - John is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and Chartered Accountant. Before joining PSB in 2013, he worked in other accounting and insolvency practices in the North West and spent several years at a large personal insolvency firm, gaining an expanse of knowledge and practical experience.

Specialist in: - With an accounting background, as well as insolvency, John provides practical and pragmatic advice to clients, including owner managed businesses and individuals.

Motto: - “If a job’s worth doing, do it well”

Licensed Insolvency Practitioner (Personal Insolvency)
Personally: - Emma is at her happiest when she is on a muddy field or a beach with her two crazy dogs. When not in her welly’s you will likely find her in the kitchen baking or experimenting with new recipes.

Professionally: - Emma joined the firm in 1997 and qualified as an Insolvency Practitioner (Personal Insolvency) in 2019. She heads up the Warrington office and the Personal Insolvency team and advises clients across the North West on both personal and corporate insolvency matters.

Specialist in: - Personal Insolvency

Motto: - “Vision without action is just a daydream”

Finance Director, Office Manager
Personally: - Kate is a keen baker and cook and loves to be outdoors walking, usually with her young daughter in tow, talking about the more random things in life!

Professionally: - Kate is a Chartered Accountant and before joining PSB in 2017, worked in both small and national accountancy practices, gaining experience of dealing with accounting and tax issues for a range of clients.

Specialist in: - Making lists!

Motto: - “Always try to treat people how you’d like to be treated”

Insolvency Practitioner
Personally: - Rob is still playing 5 aside football, three times a week at 67. He would play more, but his daughter won’t let him!

Professionally: - Rob started at PSB in August 1983 and has gained a wealth of experience over the years, dealing with a whole range of insolvency cases, across the North West and North Wales region. Rob was previously an accountant at a business, to which PSB were appointed as Liquidators. He assisted with the initial paperwork and even rearranged his wedding to complete the documents….fortunately, he is still happily married these years later and continues to provide his invaluable experience to PSB!

Specialist in: - All aspects of Corporate and Personal Insolvency, from small, owner managed businesses to large corporate organizations.

Motto: - “It is nice to be nice”

Senior Case Manager
Personally: - In her spare time, Judith enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Professionally: - Judith has been part of the PSB team for 30 years and has a wide range of experience of both corporate and personal insolvencies.

Specialist in: - Corporate and personal insolvency

Senior Case Manager
Personally: - Bob spends his spare time painting landscapes and rambling, although he confesses that large mountains are a thing of the past!

Professionally: - Bob is one of the longest standing team members at PSB, clocking up over 39 years. This has given him an insight into the many changes over the years to the various Insolvency Acts and an opportunity to gather a breadth of experience in all things insolvency.

Specialist in: - All aspects of Insolvency, but with particular focus on Corporate Insolvency processes in recent years.

Case Manager
Personally: - Brian is happiest when walking in the mountains, specifically the Lake District. He has summited all of the 214 Wainwright’s.

Professionally: - Brian previously worked for a firm of Insolvency Practitioner’s in London for 18 years before an opportunity arose to move north to Liverpool. Brian started at PSB 20 years ago and he still says that it was the best move he ever made!

Specialist in: - Brian has specialised in Personal Insolvency for 30 years. He enjoys the challenge of trying to return to the creditors as much of what they are owed as possible. He has an impartial, “firm but fair”, approach but at the same time offers empathy at how traumatic the Personal Insolvency process can seem to be.

Motto: - "Respect is earned"

Case Manager
Personally: - When not at work, Christine enjoys spending time with family and pursuing her hobbies. She likes to knit and making bobbin lace.

Professionally: - Christine started her PSB career in June 1999, gaining a breadth of experience in both corporate and personal insolvencies. She also holds a Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency.

Specialist in: - both Corporate and Personal insolvency

Case Manager
Personally: - Julie is happiest on long walks with her two dogs, or sipping a cocktail somewhere in the Caribbean!

Professionally: - Julie has worked in the insolvency industry for 23 years, previous to which she worked in Retail. Julie really enjoys being part of an independent firm.

Specialist in: - Corporate Insolvency

Senior Administrator (Pre-Appointment Team)
Personally: - Dave likes walking, running and enjoys being outdoors.

Professionally: - Before joining the PSB team, Dave's first role was working in the Official Receiver’s Office in Liverpool. He also gained experience working in the Insolvency Departments of a number of firms in Manchester. He joined the PSB team in 1999 and has, in that time, gained a wealth of knowledge, particularly in corporate insolvencies.

Specialist in: - Corporate insolvency, particularly Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidations and Members’ Voluntary Liquidations.

Personally: - Sheila enjoys sport and is an avid runner, entering lots of Triathlon and running events across the North West, usually raising money for a variety of charities.

Professionally: - Sheila joined the PSB team in 2007. She deals primarily with voluntary and compulsory liquidations.

Motto: - “Tomorrow will be a good day” (in the words of Captain Tom)

Elaine loves spending time with friends and family. When she has chance, she also enjoys to cook, cycle but most of all she loves walking her dog on the local beach.

Professionally: - Elaine has worked at PSB since 1992, originally full-time as a Case Manager and carrying out cashiering duties. Since becoming a parent and returning part-time, Elaine has held many roles, gaining invaluable experience with most aspects of insolvency. Elaine's role now covers the preparation of the Management Accounts and supporting the team with formal employee redundancy claims for insolvency cases.

Motto: - “We don’t learn from talking, we learn from listening”

Personally: - Kelly loves to travel and actively follows her son’s footballing endeavours. She also loves spending time with her family and friends.

Professionally: - Kelly has been part of the PSB team for 14 years, previously working at local solicitors and accountants.

Motto: - “Have courage and be kind”

IAN BROWN (now retired from the business)

Ian worked for PSB for over 35 years and retired at the end of May 2022. Although he is now enjoying his much deserved retirement, Ian plays such an important part in the PSB history and is still in contact with us, particularly to assist with any historic case matters.