Debt Relief Orders

A Debt Relief Order ("DRO") is a process that allows you to deal with certain debts and may be available to you if you:

  • owe £30,000 or less
  • don’t own your own home
  • don’t have other assets (or items of value)
  • have limited surplus income

If a DRO is approved, you make payments towards certain debts, with the balance of those debts being written off at the end of the process. A DRO usually lasts 12 months but can be amended if your position improves.

A DRO application must be made together with a special DRO adviser. The application is submitted to the Official Receiver, for which there is a £90 charge. A DRO adviser cannot charge you for their assistance in completing the application.

Further information on DROs and details of your closest special adviser can be found at

For alternative options regarding personal finances, please see our Personal Insolvency page.

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